Professional Service

By conducting visit to business activities of a customer thoroughly, we advise different risk management tools and recommend appropriate/ suitable insurance cover(s) with alternative ways.

Contract Certainty

We want and work our insurance contracts/ policies to be clear to our customers, so to agree on the working of the insurance before inception of cover.

Hence, insured is certain about the cover provided. By so doing, we avert future misunderstanding.

Claims Settlement

We settle eligible claims promptly and fairly. This commitment commences by providing assistance just at accident scenes and goes up to final settlement.

ELiG’s Engineering Section

It is organized to provide professional assistance for both the company’s internal operational activities and its customers. For the customers, by carefully and thoroughly examining potential risk areas of client’s workplace, the section

  • Gives training and awareness to clients and their employees on how risk exposure and its cost could be minimized
  • Advises customers about standard housekeeping and safety guidelines
  • Trains about standard fire fighting techniques, safety and many more

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