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Description of Logo

  • The letter ““ is a special “E” and meant to show options in business. It is supposed to indicate that there are a number of ways to reaching a destination. It depicts the commitment of the Company’s shareholders and management to explore all avenues for cross section of the community to benefit from various insurance products. Moreover, the letter “” is the first letter of the word ‘Ethio Life and General Insurance’ which is the name of the Company.
  • The ‘’ put in between ‘E’ and ‘Life’ symbolizes that Ethio Life and General Insurance gives utmost focus to information technology (IT). All company operations are guided by IT.
  • The “” symbolizes a ‘person’, which is gender-neutral. It graphically illustrates that long-term (life) insurance deals with persons and their life. The colour of the symbole i.e., ‘Red’ is based on the custom that ‘life is blood or/and blood is life’.
  • The ‘ and ’ stands for ‘Life and General’ and meant to show company’s service delivery of a range of innovative Life and General Insurance products and services suitable to individuals and corporate customers.
  • The red boundary  surrounding the text ‘E.LiG’ indicates the fact that the company vows to operate with in the limits of the Law & Professional ethics.


Securing the future today!


Our vision is to be a market leader in delivering innovative insurance products and services to the homes of millions.


To deliver real value in insurance services and stand out its responsiveness to customers’ needs.


When conducting our business:

  • We maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
  • We honor social value in as much as we honor value for money.
  • We uphold the highest level of excellence in service delivery and customer service.
  • We remain highly committed to protect our environment and eco-system.

Unique Features

  • We provide faster, affordable and reliable quality service.
  • We deliver policy @ spot at a maximum of 24 hours, and claims processing immediately after receipt of the necessary documents.
  • We deliver adequate information to our customers on policy issues as part of our unique culture.
  • We have been developing two life insurance products in the past couple of years. These products, School Fee Guarantee Insurance and Women Specific Group Life Micro Insurance, are available for sale ONLY in our company in the Ethiopian Insurance product. Many new life insurance products will be on board soon.
  • Our staffs are well trained, committed, and customer focused to ensure your foremost satisfaction in our dealing




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