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In addition to our branches to contact for your insurance cover need and advice, you may also contact our Board of Directors (BoD), the General Manager and the management team for any information and assistance.

  Ethio Life and General Insurance S.C. (ELiG)
  Head Office (address)
  Kirkos sub city, Keble 17/18 Ziquala Complex/ building
  Around Bambis Super Market
  Jomo Kenyata Street
  P.O.Box 170791
  Addis Ababa
Phone  +251- 115 54 96 50/1 or +251- 115 54 97 16
Fax  +251- 115 54 96 53
Please contact us below in the following details and we will be intouch shortly. The information provide by visitors in the contact form is confidential and will not be disclosed without your permission.
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